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Harkins & Associates, Inc.'s business is built on IBM experience. 

We offer a unique software product with use cases across the spectrum of enterprise IT system needs, including: program maintenance, new product development, process improvement, crisis management, system migration, change management, and DevOps. 

Our consulting services provide strategic direction for IT systems and implementation, as well as product training and education. Harkins & Associates is headquartered in the Philadelphia area, USA with a branch in London, UK. 

Le soluzioni presentate

Real-Time Program Audit (RTPA) software is a programmer utility tool that helps businesses:

  • understand a large source programs and legacy code faster;
  • debug more quickly and efficiently;
  • identify problems/issues related to how vendor packages and custom code work together;
  • navigate the complexities of enhancing pre-packaged software;
  • verify changes and new programs with speed and efficiency; and
  • minimize system downtime for better financial and operational efficiency.

RTPA enhances programmer productivity by providing real-time analytics, a permanent audit log and the irrefutable answers to what is actually happening inside the computer. Like a video recording, RTPA records all programs executing inside the computer at executing program statement level, including the contents of variables and a timestamp, without human presence or intervention.

The key objective of RTPA is to provide an automatic and complete and permanent audit record of all executing programs, all executing program statements, all data processed, and the moment of time each statement was executed. Like a streaming video camera recording, RTPA allows you see (and record) exactly what you want and need to see in real time, at executing program statement level.

RTPA is a pre-compiler that converts a normal source program into an audit-enabled source program, which is then compiled normally. System requirements are an IBM i Power 5 or later, and appropriate IBM ILE Compilers (RPG, CL, COBOL).

RTPA for IBM i is written for IBM i RPG, COBOL, and CL programs, and includes an additional RTPA Query function. Three types of data outputs are available: (1) the RTPA audit log, (2) source program documentation, and (3) customized/ad hoc reports produced from the disc audit log file.

To learn more about RTPA and organize a free trial, visit www.realtimeprogramaudit.com.


Dr. Suzanne Harkins - Suzanne.harkins@harkinsaudit.com 

816 Daisy Lane - West Chester, Pa 19382 USA

1 Fore Street Avenue - London, EC2Y 9DT - United Kingdom